1st Gourmet Olive Exhibition

The 1st Gourmet Olive Exhibition will take place in May 20-22 at the cultural center, Lab’Attoir, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Retail customers have the opportunity to taste gourmet, become a connoisseur for a day, meet the producers, enjoy renowned chef shows and new gourmet products from the best producers in Greece. 17 hosted international buyers from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria Serbia, Hungary, Check Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Greece are invited to attend.

Along with the many gourmet products exhibited there will be a range of parallel events and attractions. Renowned connoisseurs will introduce the art of olive oil tasting at the prominently placed Olive Oil Bar. Well known chefs will demonstrate special recipes, including the use of olive oil in pastries and cocktails as well as food preserving and more. High profile speakers will deliver short presentations concerning the many different uses of olive oil, its importance in nutrition, the importance of the Mediterranean diet and more.

Author: e.mimilidis

Μιμιλίδης Εμμανουήλ