The 7th Thessaloniki Food Festival travels through tasteful dishes to China

The 7th Thessaloniki Food Festival along with Thessaloniki International Fair have asked restaurants and hotels of the city to participate in the “Chinese week”. Due to the fact that the “2017 is GreeceChina Year of Cultural Exchanges and Creative Industries’ Cooperation”, TIF named China as the honoured country of the event. The whole city joined this concept and restaurants and hotels added at their menu a main Chinese dish for its visitors. From 10 to 18th of September you would have a great chance to experience and taste one of the traditional Chinese recipes inspired by Thessalonian’s chefs.

You can choose one of the following restaurants-hotels:

Golden Star Hotel ,  P. Kountouriotou 73, Thermaikos, Peraia, Tel.  2392 022755 proposes: Sweet and sour chicken with Chinese vegetables and steemed Basmati rice

Agioli restaurant, Leof. Nikis 15, Tel. 231 026 2888,  proposes: sweet and sour pork with sweet chili sause

Nea Diagonios Restaurant, Nik. Plastira 89, Kalamaria, Tel. 231 002 9085,  proposes the dish “The red teardrop of the dragon”龙的红泪水,  smoked duck with rice noodles red pepper tears

The MET Hotel 26th October Str., 48, Tel.+302310017017,  proposes egg noodles with variety of mushrooms, oyster dressing and halfbaked tuna “tataki”

Mama’s taper restaurant, Klisouras 11, Tel.  231 024 2524, proposes chop suey chicken with vegetables cooked in broth and soy sauce

The restaurant Plaisir Brasserie, Mitropoleos 9,  231 027 7444, proposes pork filet with soy sauce, ginger,  pickles and eggplant spring roles

The Mongo Asian Food, Kouskoura 6, Tel. 231 025 6777, proposes sweet and sour chicken with noodles and vegetables

The restaurant Jiang Nan Leof. Vas. Olgas 10, Tel. 231 084 6808, proposes fried rice on wok filled with shrimps, squid, chopped pineapple pieces and vegetables

The Holiday Inn Hotel Monastiriou 8, Tel.: +30 2310 563100, proposes chicken bites with sesame, basmati rice and steamed vegetables

The Egnatia Palace Hotel, Egnatia 61, Tel. 231 022 2900, proposes noodles with mushrooms saute

Ble restaurant Agias Sofias 19, Τel. 231 023 1200, proposes two choices of Bao bun
a) steamed Chinese bao bun filled with pork chop
baked in the oven with mushroom trilogy
and raw vegetables julienne
b)Bao bun with grilled vegetables with grated feta cheese,
smoked extra virgin olive oil and joghurt sauce with herbs

Bakery Stratos, Egnatia 144 and Dim. Gounari, Tel. 2310220567, proposes take away spring rolls with choped  vegetables wrapped around in a thin filo, baked in palm oil, assorted with a fine – a little bit spicy – sweet and sour cream and french fries on the side

 Zythos restaurant, Katouni 5, Ladadika, Tel. 2310540284, proposes fried rice with peeled shrimps, chicken leg, fresh fried onion and egg tossed with a sauce of white wine and chicken buillion stirring with soy sause

The bar restaurant, Kalapothaki 6, Τηλ. 231 022 8665, proposes chicken fillet wrapped in kataifi and tomato sauce with herbs

The Gerovasileiou Estate, Epanomi, Tel. 2392 044567, proposes beef fillet with casious

The Sebriko, Fraggon 2, Tel. 231 055 7513 proposes chinese beef dumplings, served with soya sauce, sesame and chives and beijing salad with chicken, Chinese cabbage, ice berg, chopped vegetables, bean sprouts, black sesame and sweet-sour sauce


They are also participating the restaurants:

Aroma, Aigyptou 17 Ladadika, Tel. 231 023 1112
Bakaliko, Nauarinou Square 7, Tel. 2310 227676

Eikosidio, Aristotelous Square 8, Tel. 2310224422
Panellinion, Doxis 1, Ladadika, Tel. 231 056 7220