The modern cuisine of Thessaloniki – New Entries


Photo by Negroponte

With its central theme being ‘The modern cuisine of Thessaloniki – New Entries’, this year’s Food Festival is focusing on the growth of the city’s gastronomy. Thessaloniki boasts a large number of restaurants with exceptional chefs, who have created a modern Thessalonian cuisine in recent years and succeeded in showcasing excellent local raw materials, combined with the global gastronomic trend of less-processed food. With this in mind, for one week, from 27 November to 4 December, you can visit any of the 40 restaurants of the city participating in the action titled ‘The modern cuisine of Thessaloniki’ and taste a dish representing local cuisine. Acclaimed chefs of the city will put forward a recipe that ’emanates’ present-day Thessaloniki. The 10 most-requested dishes will be named as representative of modern local cuisine and will be included in the 2016 gastronomy guide. Subsequently, these dishes will be presented before the public, on 7 December, at 7pm, at AGORA-ERGON restaurant, situated at 42, Pavlou Mela Street

Photo by Karabourno